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Who we are?

We are a locally owned clinic by Dr. Mo Alhezayen, and his wife Melissa Alhezayen, APRN AGNP-C. Dr. Alhezayen is a board certified Internal Medicine provider. He is an experienced adult inpatient and outpatient medical provider. His father is a retired physician, and Dr. Alhezayen followed in his father’s footsteps, becoming one of the youngest physicians in his class. Dr. Alhezayen became a Board Certified physician at the age of only 27. He has practiced medicine all over the world since 2005, and holds several state medical licenses. Dr. Alhezayen decided to open this clinic after many of his hospital patients wanted to continue to follow up with him after their hospital stay. He named the clinic after his father, Dr. Ata Alhezayen.

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