Our optimum health depends on optimum functioning of all endocrine hormones at the cellular, and biochemical levels. Many patients experience poor health or impaired well-being due to inefficiencies in endocrine system dysfunctions, especially related to thyroid hormones.

What Does The Thyroid Do?

Thyroid hormones play an integral role in many functions within our body, including but not limited to regulating the intracellular metabolic rate, the speed or efficiency of biochemical activity, which controls efficiency of organs and systems (immune response, tissue repair, detoxification, energy processes, neurotransmitter production, etc.).

How Do I Treat A Thyroid Imbalance?

Having thyroid imbalances can play a crucial role in your overall thyroid health and wellness. Testing the correct hormones for thyroid dysfunction is very important. At Ata Healthcare & Wellness, our specialized team, monitor your thyroid lab values and symptoms to prepare an individualized plan of care. Your lab values, as well as symptoms must be interpreted in relation to each other (not just to the normal ranges) in order to assess production and conversion efficiency.

Intervention may be as simple as nutraceutical supplementation or as involved as prescription thyroid replacement. The best thing about correcting thyroid imbalance is how good it feels when all those symptoms go away and you feel vibrant again!

Let’s take back your health together! The next step is to call our specialized team here at Ata Healthcare & Wellness and schedule an assessment today!